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    In the Weeds in the Empire State: Cannabis Licensing in New York

      On March 31, 2021, New York State legislators passed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act ("MRTA") which, among other things, set forth a comprehensive licensing framework for the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale, and delivery of adult-use cannabis. The MRTA also established the Office of Cannabis Management ("OCM") and the Cannabis Control Board ("CCB") -- the regulatory bodies tasked with overseeing adult-use licensing and sales. In the thirteen months since the MRTA's passage, OCM and CCB have been fast at work creating novel adult-use conditional license types as part of the State’s Social and Economic Equity (“SEE”) program that would prioritize existing hemp farmers and certain “justice involved” individuals who have been convicted of a cannabis state crime. The agencies have also revised the medical cannabis regulations with the goal of issuing additional registered organization licenses in an effort to expand the existing medical cannabis market which has been lagging for years. Rumor has it that retail sales will begin by the Fall of this year. Given the rapid developments that have taken place in just a short year, clients looking to enter the New York cannabis market will likely have many questions. Prepare yourself for these inevitable conversations now by signing up for our webinar where our legal experts will: (i) offer a general overview of the MRTA and adult-use licensing; (ii) break down recently-created adult-use conditional license types, the applicable eligibility criteria, and the potential impact of these conditional licenses on the State’s broader social and economic equity program; and (iii) explain how the State’s medical regulations will change if the proposed changes are adopted and what that means for the existing medical market, the adult-use market, and beyond. If you’re looking for a lively and informative discussion about all things cannabis in the Empire State, look no further – we’ve got you covered!

      Cannabis and Intellectual Property : International Considerations

        Join us for a lively discussion between Cannabis IP practitioners as we delve into the lessons learned from managing, prosecuting and transacting with cannabis touching IP portfolios worldwide. From patents and plant breeder’s rights, to trademarks and trade secrets, participants will learn how to approach the evolving practice of cannabis IP across several illustrative jurisdictions including Germany, Canada and the United States.


          State Licensing: Navigating New Jersey's Cannabis Regulations

          In this session, hear from attorneys who are actively working on applications in the Garden State and with clients who are investing in New Jersey or otherwise gearing up for future submissions. Learn about unique-to-New Jersey license types, such as the “Conditional License,” enabling prospective operators to apply for a license without site control (subject to income restrictions), the “Micro-license,” a 2500 square foot facility for which there are no caps (subject to residency requirements), priorities in licensing, and creative opportunities to participate in the market distinct from ownership (via “Financial Source Agreement” or “Management Services Agreement”). Also learn about how the regulatory process is unfolding and how administrative delays are impacting the licensing process and accompanying operational timelines and legal transactions.

          LIVE WEBINAR

            Cannabis Security for Lawyers: An Overview

            Join Chris Eggers of Cannabis Compliance Security Solutions, INCBA Attorney Members Mitzi Vaughn and Michael Hennessey, along with special guests to learn about the licensing considerations, continuing obligations, and risk related to physical security in the cannabis industry. From mapping your business to liaising with law enforcement, and from environmental and procedural security to best practices in security employee training, join us to go through the intricacies of security in the cannabis industry. In light of the recent rash of robberies and physical security vulnerabilities, physical security and security compliance has become a renewed focus of local law enforcement, local government, state regulators and more - don't miss this important webinar!

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              Social Equity and Justice for the Indigenous Community

              This CLE will focus on social equity and social justice issues within the indigenous community. Speakers will discuss tribal sovereignty, federal and state recognized tribes and barriers to entry for indigenous tribes into the cannabis industry. This CLE will examine pending federal cases and legislation that affects the indigenous community and present policy considerations to keep in mind when drafting cannabis legislation and regulations.

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